About WLJC

Hour of Harvest, Incorporated is a non-profit, non-denomination corporation dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The headquarters of Hour of Harvest Inc. is located in mountains of Eastern Kentucky on Hwy 11N in Beattyville, Kentucky. Hour of Harvest, Inc. owns and operates three (3) broadcast stations, WLJC TV, WLJC Radio, and WEBF Radio. The call letters WLJC stand for Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and the call letters WEBF stands for Walking Eternally By Faith.

WLJC Radio (102.1FM) began broadcasting on May 12, 1965. It was the first Christian FM station in the state of Kentucky. WLJC Radio (102.1 FM) has partnered with Educational Media Foundation and airs Contemporary Christian Music from Air-1, www.air1.com.

On October 18, 1982 Hour of Harvest, Inc. expanded to establish WLJC Television, analog Channel 65. It was the first completely Christian television station in Kentucky. WLJC TV took a huge leap of faith in 1986 with a new 500 ft tower and a new broadcast studio. This facility remains the primary studio for all the broadcast operations of Hour of Harvest, Inc. Expansion continued with a power increase, new transmitter and a 1000 ft tower during the digital transition period from March 2003 July 2007. Since July 2007 WLJC has been broadcasting entirely in a digital format, DTV7. WLJC TV reaches hundreds of thousands of households and is on multiple cable and satellite systems throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky. WLJC TV is also on the internet at www.wljc.com and continues to look toward the future for continued growth.

Most recently, June 28, 2011 Hour of Harvest, Inc. expanded to include another radio station WEBF (88.3FM). WEBF is also partnered with Educational media Foundation and airs Positive, Encouraging Christian Programming, K-Love www.klove.com.

Hour of Harvest, Inc. and its broadcast facilities WLJC TV, WLJC Radio and WEBF Radio is funded, in part by contributions from contributors like you. All gifts are income tax deductible.