Daniel Hale

Daniel Hale

Monday, November 20th on Hour of Harvest

Daniel Hale
Webb Family & Friends

Webb Family & Friends

Monday, November 20th on Hour of Harvest

Webb Family & Friends
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July 2017 WLJC Newsletter

Margaret’s Message:

As we welcome summer with all our vacation plans with our family, we know it will be a wonderful time to count our blessings. Some families like to boat ride, fish, rock climb, visit scenic places or even have a nice picnic on the lawn. Do yourself and your family a favor by relaxing and enjoying the moment. Time is like a river, you can not touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of your life! Our God is with us daily and gives us an abundance of blessings. “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24. Trust your summer will be wonderful! During the summer months WLJC TV will continue to have live programs nightly. Be sure and tune in and enjoy the guests at 7 pm nightly. Remember you are special to the Lord!
God Bless you,

Hour of Harvest Guest List for July:

1st – Felix Brock & Williamsburg Gospel Barn House Band
3rd – House of Prayer
6th – Don Lovins & Friends
7th – Shepherd’s Voice
8th – Avery Watkins and Grace X4 Quartet
10th – Jackson’s & Friends
11th – Southern Grace
13th – Russell Murphy Family
14th – Hampton Family
15th – Troy Burchett & Mountain Top Praise
17th – Helen Lewis Bluegrass Gospel
18th – Judith – Sister for Christ and Shirley Baker France
20th – Lick Fork Pentecostal
21st – Happy Travelers
22nd – Paul’s Ministry
24th – Revival Tabernacle
25th – Eternity Bound
27th – Fred Spencer and Weston Fike & Aubrey McCullen
28th – Chosen Four and The Greatest Gift
29th – Joyful Souls
31st – Straight Creek

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm nightly or watch on the web at www.wljc.com. Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-3600 or (859) 469-7482 or email wljc@wljc.com

Bible Trivia Questions:
Matters of the Heart:

1. What Old Testament king had his heart repeatedly hardened by God?
2. To whom did God say, The Lord looketh on the heart”?
3. Who claimed to be “meek and lowly in heart”?
4. According to Jesus, where is a person’s heart?
5. Who takes away the Word sown in people’s hearts?
6. What king was “a man after God’s own heart”?
7. Which old testament book commands, “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart”?


We love WLJC very much. Keep up the good work. I am very proud that I can be a part of something so great, working for Jesus. Bless you all.
Larry & Kay, Prestonsburg, Ky.

Yes I’ll agree with you, dads are very important part of you and what you become in life. I had one of the best dads you could have ever ask for. He taught me about Jesus and how to live a Christian life. Dad was my very best friend in the world, he went to heaven in 1999 after a short illness. I still miss him and long to meet him again some day.
Sue, Monticello, Ky.

I enjoy Hour of Harvest. I consider it to be my church since I am unable to attend my regular church as often as I would like. You all are truly a blessing to me.
Norena, Science Hill, Ky.

Bible Trivia Answers:

1. The pharaoh at the time of Moses (Exodus 7:3) 2. Samuel (1 Samuel 16:7) 3. Jesus (Matthew 11:29) 4. Where his treasure is (Matthew 6:21) 5. Satan (Mark 4:15) 6. David (1 Samuel 13:14) 7. Leviticus (19:17)

In Memorial:

In memory of Diane Planck from Terry S. Planck
In memory of Joyce Scherf from Terry Scherf
In memory of Wanda M Baker from Paula Nicely
In memory of AJ and Fern Mann from Jill Mann
In memory of Pastor Roy Gilbert from Jack & Lynny Huston
In memory of Burton Herald, SR and Naomi R Herald from Widge Herald
In memory of Bill Barnhill from Muriel Barnhill
In memory of Boyd Bradley Gilbert from Lena Gilbert
In memory of Pastor Louis Fields from Louise Fields
In memory of Carol Sue Rison and Beatrice Maxie from Susan Hamlin
In memory of Blane & Savannah Kissick from Regina Kissick
In memory of William Earl Shelton from Mary Robinson
In memory of Hazel Sparks from David Sparks
In memory of Malcolm Feltner from Nancy Feltner

WLJC would like to make available an opportunity for you to make a memorial gift to this ministry. By making a donation to this ministry you are sowing a seed that will last eternally. Your memorial gift to WLJC will be a lasting gift in memory of your loved one to an organization that was dear to their heart.

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Mission Statement:
WLJC is owned and operated by the Hour of Harvest, Inc. We are a nonprofit, nondenominational organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The call letters WLJC stand for Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. The mission of WLJC is to broadcast the Gospel in song and spoken word to reach as many people as possible for Christ. WLJC is funded primarily by contributions from viewers like you. All gifts are income tax deductible.