August Newsletter 2014

Margaret's Message
Back to school already? Seems impossible! Summer vacation for the children and parents is now history.  Everyone's lives seem to be going much too fast.  Parents are under extra stress keeping the family fed, clothed and spiritually encouraged.  Daily they need to be in our prayers.  These children will soon be adults and making their own decisions, right or wrong.  We want them to be able to make right choices to have the Lord first in all their plans.  Each child is important to our Heavenly Father and some day He wants them to come home to be with Him forever.  We are eternal spirits made in God’s own image.  Ecclesiastes12:13, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man.”  Remember you are special in God’s eyes!       
Trivia Questions

Miracles of Jesus:

1. What disciples did Jesus call after blessing them with an enormous catch of fish?
2. Who did Jesus send to catch a fish that had a coin in its mouth?
3. When Jesus healed the blind man of Bethsaida, what did the man say people looked like?
4. What was the affliction of the man Jesus healed by sending him to the pool of Siloam?
5. Why did the people complain when Jesus healed a woman who had been stooped for 18 years?
6. What was the other affliction of the deaf man Jesus healed in the Decapolis?
7. Who announced Jesus’ conception to Mary?


1. The singing this year has been great.  It’s wonderful to hear happy singers, its food for the soul. WLJC is my church, I look forward to each service, it just ends my day with manna from above.  I pray for everyone each day.     Ruth   
2. Pray for my family that we get closer to God.  I pray for my friend in Indiana, he has cancer on the brain.  I love WLJC and all the staff and people who give time to be there.  God bless you all!     Henry
3. I pray that WLJC will stay on the TV.  I love to watch it.  There is not anything else to watch.  I love the gospel singing and the preaching.  I watch it every night.     Mary
 4. I have been in the hospital with congestive heart failure and bronchitis.  Please pray for me.  I enjoy the program Hour of Harvest every night.  It is my church. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and WLJC.     Iva

In Memory Of

• In memory of Esther Katherine Denny from Carolyn Brooke
• In memory of William Lemaster from Walter & Patricia Castle
• In memory of Billy Joe & Brenda Peters from Patricia Ward
• In memory of Rose Mcknight from Lottie Stocker
• In memory of Reba Hardwick from Ronald Hardwick
• In memory of Melvin Bernard from Lola Bernard
• Burton Herald, Sr. & Naomi Herald from Widge Herald
• In memory of Vaughn Fields from Frances Fields
• In memory of Wanda Smith & Steve Smith from R Smith
• In memory of L.B Alexander from Verna Alexander
• In memory of John Miles from Pauline Miles
• In memory of Ada Hollon & Gerald Hollon from Kay Holon
• In memory of Wayne Pierce from Edna Pierce
• In memory of Nola Faulkner from Wilma Williams 

Trivia Answers

1. Peter, James and John (Luke 5:4-11)
2. Peter (Matthew 17:24-27)
3. Like trees walking (Mark 8:22-26) 
4.  Blindness (John 9:1-7)
5.  He healed her on the Sabbath (Luke 13:11-13)                                    
6. Almost mute (Mark 7:31-35) 
7.  The angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26-38)