April Newsletter 2014

Margaret's Message

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Our spring revival is now history, but oh my, how God blessed! Souls saved, healed, delivered and set free by the power of the Holy Spirit.  God is so good to us!  We are going to see many more working miracles from God during our Spring Telethon.  Many of our friends have stated how excited they are about the WLJC ministry and they want to be a part of it.  We welcome you to pray and give as God has blessed you.  Our needs are great but we are serving a much greater God!  Some call in their pledges as gifts others just mail them or even give online. This ministry is reaching nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, and homebound folks.  Numerous people, though they would like to attend church are unable to do so.  We are the stream in the desert for many. Praise God he made a way for them to be ministered to.  Remember you are special to the Lord!

Trivia Questions

Everyday Phrases from the Bible: Identify the book and, if possible, the chapter and verse where these commonly used phrases originated.
1. The skin of my teeth
2. Wolf in sheep’s clothing
3. Salt of the earth
4. Holier than thou
5. Woe is me!
6. Can a leopard change his spots?
7. The blind leading the blind
8. Eat, drink, and be merry
9. Pride goeth before a fall
10. Give up the ghost



1. My prayer is that you all can keep on for a long time doing what you are doing.  WLJC has a great program worth listening to, something to look forward to every night.     Winchester, Ky.
2. Please pray for me as I fell down my front steps.  Nothing is broken but it is taking a long time for me to be able to do anything.  Thank the Lord for you.     Zoe, Ky.
3. The Lord has blessed me and I am able to send you this gift.  I want you to know I watch your program every day and enjoy the music, the sermons and the prayer times.  Keep on keeping on is my prayer for you and yours.     Gray, Ky.
4. I enjoy your services so much!  Lots of times I am not able to go to church and it is a real blessing to me. I love you and all that works there. Pray for me and I will pray for you.     Viper, Ky.


• Wilma Howard
• Maudie Rutherford
• Mabel Burch
• Homer Summers
• Jennifer Lawill
• Don Hillard
• Doris Cornelius
• Janice Johnson
• Eulene Garland
• Virgil Gibson
• Daisy Patterson
• Christine Sizemore
• David Jones
• Brenda & Kenneth Hillard
• Raymond & Jennifer Lawill

Trivia Answers

1. Job 19:20  2. Matthew 7:15  3. Matthew 5:13  4. Isaiah 65:5  5.  Isaiah 6:5  6.  Jeremiah 13:23  7. Matthew 15:14  8.  Ecclesiastes 8:15  9.  Proverbs 16:18  10.  Job 14:10