New Vision Pentecostal Church

New Vision Pentecostal Church

Saturday, December 8 on Hour of Harvest

New Vision Pentecostal Church
Kevin Wilson Band

Kevin Wilson Band

Monday, December 10 on Hour of Harvest

Kevin Wilson Band
Lonnie & Edith King

Lonnie & Edith King

Tuesday, December 11 on Hour of Harvest

Lonnie & Edith King
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September 2018 WLJC Newsletter

Margaret’s Message
Our path through life takes unexpected twists and turns. On July 21, Margaret’s Daughter Marilyn June passed away at the age of 63 due to complications from a stroke. Marilyn will always remain very much alive in the memories of all those who loved, respected and treasured her as she is now in the presence of our Lord. Nothing prepares someone for the death of their child and Margaret is so appreciative of the outpouring of love that she has received from our big WLJC Family during her time of sorrow. Thank you for the letters, cards, thoughts and prayers of all those who have reached out. Your extension of God’s love here on earth is such a blessing.
Margaret’s great granddaughter Hanna and her husband Alex, gave birth on July 26th to Margaret’s great, great grandson Kane Alexander. He weighed 6lbs, 11oz and all are doing well.
From births to deaths and all the places in between the Lord is with us and restores our heart as we walk alongside each other. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Tune in from 7p-9p each evening to worship the Lord with us. May God bless you! Rachel

Hour of harvest Guest List for September:
1st – Stoney & Beth
4th – Gloryland Baptist Church
6th – Don Lovins & Friends
7th – The Hampton Family
8th – Fall Creek Boys
10th – The Russell Murphy Family
11th – Rhodes Family
13th – Southern Faith Walkers
14th – Felix Brock & The WGB House Band
15th – Peggy Inks and The Free Spirits
17th – Faithbuilders
18th – Wings of Eagles and Pastor Ron Mann
20th – Scott Collins
21st – Roy & Kay Himes & Friends
22nd – Old Pathway Pentecostal Church
24th – Helen Lewis Bluegrass
25th – Tarr Ridge Union Church
27th – Ernest Carter Bluegrass
28th – Reachin Out 4 Christ and The Cooper Sisters
29th – Lori Jarvis & The Napier Brothers

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm nightly or watch on the web at Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-3600 or (859) 469-7482 or email

Bible Trivia Questions:
Supernatural Journeys:

1. What prophet was able to travel for forty days on the strength from just a cake and some water?
2. Elijah and Elisha walked across the Jordan river on dry ground after Elijah struck the waters with what?
3. Elijah outran a king’s chariot, running all the way from mount Carmel to Jezreel, almost 10 miles. Who was the king?
4. How was Elijah taken up into heaven?
5. What carried Philip from Gaza to Azotus?
6. What 2 people walked on water in the midst of a storm?
7. Who was taken up into heaven in the sight of his followers?

God Bless WLJC for all you do. We so enjoy and use it as our church as I am shut in caring for my other half who is bedridden with ALS. God Bless you.
Pat, Lexington, Ky.

I want to thank everyone at WLJC. I look forward to 7 o’clock each and every night. In my opinion it’s the best program on TV. My thanks to everyone of the workers. I love you all. I love you Sister Margaret, my love and prayers are for you each day. Keep up the work. I really enjoy what you all do. Lena, Pikeville, Ky.

Thank you for your prayers for my brother. He had cancer and is home now doing great! Praise God. God bless all of you!
Alice, Campton, Ky.

Bible Trivia Answers:
1. Elijah (1 Kings 19:5-9) 2. His Mantle (2 Kings 2:8) 3. Ahab (1 Kings 18:41-46) 4. In a Whirlwind (2 Kings 2:11) 5. The Spirit of the Lord (Acts 8:39-40) 6. Jesus and Peter (Matthew 14:22-32) 7. Jesus (Acts 1:9)

In Memorial:
In memory of JC Stone from Barbara Stone
In memory of Robert Dennis from Carolyn Allan
In memory of Jim Shadoan from Shirley Shadoan
In memory of Dotty Whittaker from Brenda Mink
In memory of BJ Brewer, Mary Clem and James Napier from Harvey Lee Napier
In memory of Steven Tompkins from Janie Tomkins
In memory of Leara Moreland from Donald Moreland
In memory of Thomas Guffey from Brian & Phyllis Guffey
In memory of Cordell and Mark Wells and Howard Maze from Lodis Maze
In memory of Dick and Stella Ferrell from Jim and Pam Ferrell
In memory of Robert Morris from Ida Morris
In memory of Raymond Hayes from Wendy Compton
In memory of Wanda Baker from Paula Nicely
In memory of Frances Shely from Donna Shryock

WLJC would like to make available an opportunity for you to make a memorial gift to this ministry. By making a donation to this ministry you are sowing a seed that will last eternally. Your memorial gift to WLJC will be a lasting gift in memory of your loved one to an organization that was dear to their heart.

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Mission Statement:

WLJC is owned and operated by the Hour of Harvest, Inc. We are a nonprofit, nondenominational organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The call letters WLJC stand for Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. The mission of WLJC is to broadcast the Gospel in song and spoken word to reach as many people as possible for Christ. WLJC is funded primarily by contributions from viewers like you. All gifts are income tax deductible.