Eternity Bound

Eternity Bound

Tuesday, February 25 on the Hour of Harvest

Eternity Bound
Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven

Thursday, February 27 on the Hour of Harvest

Highway to Heaven
Ronald Johns

Ronald Johns

Thursday, February 27 on the Hour of Harvest

Ronald Johns
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December 2018 Hour of Harvest News

Margaret’s Message:
As the last pages of 2018 are turned we briefly glance back at some of the events. One emotional high was welcoming another great, great grandson Kane. On the other side was the lowest point ever in my life, the home going of my daughter June. Life is not all joys nor is it all sorrows. God allows a mixture so we can get through it all. We treasure His love for us each day regardless of the events. I trust all is well with your family and that there will be great enjoyment as we gather to celebrate the birth of our savior! Find someone that needs to be shown His love and do something special for them. We are all one year closer to seeing the Lord so lets work like never before to get the gospel out to those in need of salvation. Merry Christmas to each of you and may God bless you as we work together for Him. Remember you are special to the Lord.

Hour of Harvest Guest List for December:
1st – Paul’s Ministry
3rd – Granny & The Old Path
4th – Gloryland Baptist Church
6th – Don Lovins & Friends
7th – Northern Pulaski Middle School
8th – New Vision Pentecostal Church
10th – Kevin Wilson Band
11th – Gilbert’s Bluegrass
13th – The Sons Family
14th – Southern Heirs
15th – Heir Bound
17th – House of Prayer
18th – Tim & Judy Amburgey
20th – Helen Lewis Bluegrass Gospel
21st – Stevens Family Tradition
22nd – Evangelistic Singers and God’s Messengers
27th – Straight Creek
28th – Shepherd’s Voice
29th – Heaven Bound Gospel Singers
31st – Hwy 49 Holiness

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm nightly or watch on the web at Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-3600 or (859) 469-7482 or email

Bible Trivia Questions:
Things on Wheels:

1. What prophet’s exit is associated with chariots of fire?
2. Who sent back the ark of the covenant on a cart pulled by two cows?
3. What king had 1400 chariots and 12,000 horses?
4. What foreign official was in his chariot when Philip came to him?
5. Who had a vision of four chariots driven by angels?
6. What king burned the idolatrous chariots of the sun?


We look forward to watching WLJC every night and morning. We love all of you all and thank you for all of the work you all do for God & us. Would like to thank God for answered prayers. Please continue praying for my family and myself.
Cathy, Frankfort, Ky.

I am so glad to have WLJC to watch, it is a blessing for me. I am 87 years old and don’t go much. I am so glad to see the cross go up knowing someone got saved. May god bless you all. It seems like you are part of my family. Love and prayers.
Sarah, Pikeville, Ky.

Congrats on 36 years in TV ministry. So glad you are still here after all these years! God bless all of You!
Vicki, Corbin, Ky.

Bible Trivia Answers:

1. Elijah (2 Kings 2:11) 2. The Philistines (1 Samuel 6:7-14) 3. Solomon (1 Kings 10:26) 4. Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:27-28 5. Zechariah (6:1-8) 6. Josiah (2 Kings 23:11)

In Memorial:

Hour of Harvest would like to make available an opportunity for you to make a memorial gift to this ministry. By making a donation to this ministry you are sowing a seed that will last eternally. Your memorial gift will be a lasting gift in memory of your loved one to an organization that was dear to their heart.

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In memory of Lafford Gross & Billie Sue Bustle from Joyce Ann Patton
In memory of Ellis & Myrtle Wagner from Herman Wagner
In memory of Kenneth Slemp from Darlene Slemp
In memory of Walter & Ernie Collett from Fannie Collett
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