Kevin Wilson Band

Kevin Wilson Band

Tuesday, March 31 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 5-28-19

Kevin Wilson Band
Don Lovins & Friends

Don Lovins & Friends

Thursday, April 2 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 3-5-20

Don Lovins & Friends
11th Hour Ministries

11th Hour Ministries

Friday, April 3 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 6-14-19

11th Hour Ministries
Destiny Southern Gospel

Destiny Southern Gospel

Saturday, April 4 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 11-2-19

Destiny Southern Gospel
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Hour of Harvest December 2019

Margaret’s Message:

Christmas time is coming!
Since early childhood we all have looked forward to December 25th. In my personal life it often only meant receiving a small bag of fruit & hard candy. We were poor but didn’t know it so therefore we were happy. In later years as we grew up, the reason for Christmas was shared and our whole outlook was different. We realized it was Jesus’s Birthday! Not ours. I wonder how many people are still confused. What are your early memories of Christmas at your house? I would love to hear about them.
Speaking of gifts, we want to express our thanks and appreciation for all the wonderful people that has given during the fall telethon. Hearing from so many Veteran’s families blessed us greatly. These folk are the backbone of our nation. Thank God for each of them.
I trust your Christmas, with or without family, will be a blessed event. Plan to celebrate Jesus’s birthday in a special way. What could we do to please him? As with his own example, Jesus always put others first.
See you next year 2020! God Bless each of you.

Hour of Harvest guest list for December:

2nd – New Jerusalem Singers and Ronald Johns
3rd – Gloryland Baptist Church
5th – Don Lovins & Friends
6th – Cumberland Freewill Baptist Church Youth Choir and The Turners
7th – Danny Duvall & Lisa Nall and The Farthings
9th – Full Gospel Evangelistic Ministry
10th – Blessed Hope Singers
12th – Mercy Roadz
13th – Collins Family Project
14th – Voices of Praise
16th – Bluegrass Boys
17th – Sons Family
19th – Northern Pulaski Middle School
20th – Elizabeth Mullins and Final Call
21st – Trinity Full Gospel church
23rd – Altro Church of God
26th – Neth Jones and Reaching Out 4 Christ
27th – Shepherd’s Voice
28th – Anthony Haney and From the Heart
30th – Denniston House of Prayer
31st – Helen Lewis Bluegrass Gospel

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm-9pm nightly or watch on the web at Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-4250 or (859) 469-7482 or email

In Memorial:
In memory of Carl Carey from Dorothy Carey
In memory of Rev Wayne Houses Mother from Mildred Gregory
In memory of Woody Wagner from Son Herman Wagner
In memory of Ethel Little from Bobby Tackett & Family
In memory of Lee Roy Wilcher from Alma Wilcher
In memory of Wilma Rhodes from Joseph Rhodes
In memory of loved ones gone on by Anna DeLong
In memory of Mom, Dad, & Brother from Rosa Prater
In memory of Pastor Verlin Madden from Ralph Williams
In memory of Alfred Adams from Eva Adams
In memory of daughter & husband and all family & friends from Alberta Art
In memory of Ralph Eldridge by Henrietta Eldridge

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Bible Trivia Question:

Babylon, Bethlehem, New Bethlehem, Etc.
1. What is the largest US city with a biblical name?
2. The oldest town in the US with a biblical name is what?
3. Which state has both Bethlehem and New Bethlehem?
4. Which state has a city named Solomon?
5. Which state has the city of New Egypt?
6. Puerto Rico’s capital is named after which of Jesus’ disciples?
7. Which southwestern state has a city named Trinity?
8. In what state would you find Mount Sinai?


Margaret & Staff,
Love and Prayers to all of you. May the blessing of the Lord be upon all of you, Psalm 129-8. Keep me in your prayers.
Freda, Evarts

This time I wish to thank God for his mercy, love, thanksgivings and all that He has, is and will do for me and my family. Prayer for sinners and for God’s Children to stay strong in the faith. Love to all!
Gloria, Cannel City

Thank you all so much for making it possible for us to have WLJC to watch. I look forward to watching every evening. It’s the best we have to watch. I love you all and pray God’s blessing on you.
Anna, Monticello

Bible Trivia Answers:

1.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2. Salem, Massachusetts 3. Pennsylvania 4. Arizona 5. New Jersey 6. St. John– which, in Spanish, is San Juan 7. Texas 8. New York

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