Kevin Wilson Band

Kevin Wilson Band

Tuesday, March 31 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 5-28-19

Kevin Wilson Band
Don Lovins & Friends

Don Lovins & Friends

Thursday, April 2 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 3-5-20

Don Lovins & Friends
11th Hour Ministries

11th Hour Ministries

Friday, April 3 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 6-14-19

11th Hour Ministries
Destiny Southern Gospel

Destiny Southern Gospel

Saturday, April 4 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 11-2-19

Destiny Southern Gospel
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Hour of Harvest News August 2019

Margaret’s Message:

How time flies! The weather has been warm, then hot and muggy. The next thing we know, it will be cold weather again. How do you feel about your time spent the past few months? Have you accomplished what you planned? Are you happy with the way your time was spent? Each day is a gift from God. As you wake in the morning just think, here is a new perfect day, no mistakes, sins or harsh words, and evil has not yet marred it in any way. I feel we should ask God to help us not mess up the day and to help others enjoy their day. Any thoughts on how you could improve the time and space God has given you? We realize we are limited without the Lord’s help. It is wonderful to know how he sees us. “The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him” Nahum 1:7.
You are special to him,

Hour of Harvest Guest List for August:

1st – Don Lovins & Friends
2nd – Flemingsburg Baptist Church Worship Band and Focus
3rd – Shepherd’s Voice
5th – Evangelistic Singers
6th – Gloryland Baptist Church
8th – Avery Watkins, Shannon Garret and Melissa Dye
9th – Cecil Benge & The Gospel Travelers
10th – New Harvest
12th – Gilbert’s Bluegrass
13th – Kevin Wilson Band
15th – Straight Creek
16th – Chad’s Hope Teen Challenge Choir
17th – Anthony Haney and Webb Family
19th – Onward & Upward
20th – Tim & Judy Amburgey
22nd – Mercy Roadz
23rd – Fall Creek Boys
24th – Higher Ground
26th – New Jerusalem and Shirley Baker France
27th – Russell Murphy Family
29th – Tarr Ridge Union Church
30th – God’s messengers
31st – Living Water

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm nightly or watch on the web at Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-4250 or (859) 469-7482 or email

Bible Trivia Questions:

The Bible and the Body:
1. What did Jesus put in the eyes of the blind man at the pool of Siloam?
2. Who says in his heart, “There is no God”?
3. What praise-filled book ends with the words “let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord”?
4. Which New Testament letter talks about the importance of bridling the tongue?
5. What famous king had a curious dream of seven fat cows being devoured by seven scrawny cows?
6. According to Paul, what group of people comprises Christ’s body?
7. According to Paul, when a person speaks with the gift of tongues, who is he speaking to?


Keep up the good work of our Lord. We enjoy the services. My husband and I don’t get to go to our church regularly so we have WLJC.
Helen & Bill, Beattyville, Ky.

It’s a blessing to get to watch WLJC every night. We’re continuing prayers for everyone. A special thanks to everyone for all they do in the ministry. Please continue praying for my family and myself.
Cathy, Frankfort, Ky.

You’re in my thoughts and prayers. I enjoy watching WLJC and reading the news of Hour of Harvest. Pray for me and my family.
Freda, Evarts, Ky.

Bible Trivia Answers:

1. Mud (John 9:1-7) 2, The fool (Psalm 14:1) 3. Psalms (150:6) 4. James (1:26) 5. The pharaoh of Egypt (Genesis 41) 6. The church, Christians (Colossians 1:24) 7. God (1 Corinthians 14:2)

In Memorial:

In memory of Fredia Hacker from Wanda Burns
In memory of Wanda Mayfield Baker from Paul Nicely
In memory of Ann Williams from Ralph Williams
In memory of Burton Herald, Sr. & Naomi R Herald from Widge Herald
In memory of Imogene Warrix and Anna Belle Gannon from John Allen Newsome
In memory of Roy Wayne Smallwood from Missy Smallwood
In memory of Betty Davis from John Davis
In memory of Bob Thomas from Carolyn Thomas
In memory of John Grounds from Glenna Lear
In memory of Bonnie Williams from Ralph Williams
In memory of Lloyd Hensley and David Sidwell from Anna Hensley
In memory of father and father in law for Father’s Day from Brenda Mink
In memory of Leroy Thompson from Geneva Thompson
In memory of James W. Jones and Patrick McDonald from Andrew Jones

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