Kevin Wilson Band

Kevin Wilson Band

Tuesday, March 31 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 5-28-19

Kevin Wilson Band
Don Lovins & Friends

Don Lovins & Friends

Thursday, April 2 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 3-5-20

Don Lovins & Friends
11th Hour Ministries

11th Hour Ministries

Friday, April 3 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 6-14-19

11th Hour Ministries
Destiny Southern Gospel

Destiny Southern Gospel

Saturday, April 4 on the Hour of Harvest. Previously aired on 11-2-19

Destiny Southern Gospel
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Hour of Harvest News September 2019

Margaret’s Message:
We have all enjoyed fresh garden fruits and vegetables over the past few months but now it is time for another season to begin. As the garden dries up, cooler weather brings on the color change in our trees, bushes and flowers. If we have learned to enjoy the different seasons then we look forward to the beauty of each. Everything is beautiful in its own way. We trust that your family spent quality time together over the summer. It is important to keep families close. Fall is a beautiful time for weddings. Personally I have 2 great granddaughters with wedding plans all made! They have asked me to officiate both weddings. Pray I don’t cry on the job. Children grow up so quickly. My youngest great-great-grand baby, named Lillie, is three months old. I am thankful the Lord has allowed me to see five generations! God is so good! Our children are the future of our country, they need much prayer. Remember you are special to the Lord!

Hour of Harvest Guest List for September:

3rd – Gloryland Baptist Church
5th – Don Lovins & Friends
6th – Generation Gap
7th – Greg Dike, Canyon Falls EC Church
9th – Believers Quartet
10th – After 4T
12th – David Baker, Vince Pennington & Jim Frost
13th – Hampton Family
14th – Faithful Four and Cooper Sisters
16th – 11th Hour Ministries
17th – Denniston House of Prayer
19th – Stevens Family Tradition
20th – Avery Watkins and Daryl Baker
21st – Combs Sisters and Southern Grace
23rd – Weston & Aubry Fike and Kristian Konnection
24th – Collins Family Project
26th – Altro Church of God
27th – Guiding Inspirations and Coleman Family
28th – Heaven’s Jubilee
30th – Helen Lewis Bluegrass Singers

Guests are subject to change. Tune in to WLJC at 7pm nightly or watch on the web at Call in your prayer request or pledge to (606) 464-4250 or (859) 469-7482 or email

Bible Trivia Questions:

1. This bald prophet was the performer of many miracles and the successor to another great prophet.
2. This court prophet confronted King David and his adultery.
3. This young prophet had a vision of a statue composed of different metals.
4. This prophet, put into a hole in the ground for being too outspoken, was often called the “weeping prophet.”
5. This king of Israel was, early in his career, associated with a group of prophets.
6. This wilderness man confronted the prophets of Baal in a famous contest. He was taken to heaven in a chariot of fire.


I watch every night and enjoy all of it. I am not able to do very much any more, only go when I have too. WLJC is my evening church. All the good people that sing, pray and preach, I love to hear them. Pray for me and my family.
Deanna, Morehead, Ky.

Thank you so much for praying for me. My hip is better. I am walking better now. Maybe I can go to church now. Pray for my children, some are saved and some are not. I love the Lord.
Lillie, Manchester, Ky.

Pray for me. This is my church now that I can’t get out the door myself. I love all of you. God bless every one. I was 88 years old July 1.
Joyce, Richmond, Ky.

Bible Trivia Answers:

1. Elisha (1-2 Kings) 2. Nathan (2 Samuel, 1 Kings) 3. Daniel 4. Jeremiah 5. Saul (1 Samuel 10:1-13) 6. Elijah (1-2 Kings)

In Memorial:

In memory of Betty Davis from John Davis
In memory of William Earl Shelton from Mary Robinson
In memory of Eva Harrison from Amy Gates
In memory of Willie Johnson from Penny Johnson and sons
In memory of Sheila and James from Revena Trusty
In memory of Alford and June Noe from Mr. & Mrs. Hershel Price
In memory of Opal Creech from Garry & Beverly Creech
In memory of Rev Dexter Reynolds from Phebia Reynolds
In memory of mom and dad from Vaughn Risner
In memory of Silas McFall from Regina McFall
In memory of Russell Dich from Hazel Dich
In memory of Earl Swartzentruber from Carol Swartzentruber
In memory of Benny Davidson from Carolyn Davidson
In memory of Troy Glen Couch and Paul Baker from Elizabeth Couch
In memory of mother, father and brother from Ruth Ann Hall
In memory of Alvin Wayne Clark from Mary Clark

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